The competition is tough and you’ve been invited in for a job interview. You get one shot to stand out and shine. Even if you are the perfect candidate with exactly the right skills, qualifications and personality, surprisingly that may not be enough…the most qualified candidate doesn’t always get the job. But, the most prepared candidate has the best shot at it. “Successful people don’t do it alone; they have a coach.” As a trained Job Interview Skills Coach, I can help you prepare mentally and strategically; to be a formidable contender.


Extraordinary candidates prepare, knowing the stakes are too high to leave it to chance. Prepared, they know and radiate self worth; they sell their value to the company and back up their assertions with stories showcasing key competencies and their problem solving skills achievements. Early in the interview they uncover the hidden agenda of the Interviewer and recalibrate their strategy to meet those needs. They leave nothing to chance.


Are you already good at interviewing; getting ready for that big interview?  I can help you take your Interview game to the next level.  Under-qualified?  Overqualified? First time Interviewees?  Returning to the workforce after a long gap? As a skilled, experienced  Interview Skills Coach I can help you:

  • Strategically “toot” your horn;  turn any job limitations into positives
  • Learn to sell your key strengths through the art of storytelling
  • Be ready for difficult questions (and interviewers) that can derail your interview
  • Regain composure when your mind goes blank or have an “oops” moment!
  • Explain gaps; minimize being fired
  • Understand the question behind the question
  • Raise your enthusiasm; lower your anxiety
  • Increase the chances of being that memorable candidate who gets an offer

I work with clients by telephone or Zoom, in the convenience of your own home.

A few words from my clients

“Thank you! Working with Sharon gave me a sense of confidence – that I was capable because I was prepared. I so appreciate you!.  And, I got a job offer .” Karen T

“I’d get nervous anticipating the question about my education since I do not have a college degree. Sharon you are amazing…I was prepared; and my response felt powerful. I had five interviews for the position. My confidence grew after each one; and got the job.” Molly D

“Sharon helped me in more ways than just interviewing; I was able to let go of my paralyzing fear of success and limited perspective of my abilities. Working with her has been magical I’m not kidding. She has helped me change my life.”   Kathy G

” I had never used a professional interview coach before and I’m glad I did.  Sharon translated what the real question behind the questions were that Interviewers might ask. She helped me find examples of my successes; so I was ready.   I allowed my light to shine!    Thank you!  Colleen K

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